This is a toy, after all

Over the past 40 years, billions of people have played with the Rubik’s Cube.

Inspired by Ernő’s awe-inspiring puzzle, Beyond Rubik's Cube includes dozens of new games for visitors to enjoy. Memory games, matching games, robot games: each one explores a different skill set needed to become a Rubik’s Cube expert.

Never tried the Rubik’s Cube before? No problem. Meet an expert at the Solve Bar and learn why you can never seem to move the middle pieces.

BRC_new images_Solve Bar

Solve Bar

We know, we know. You can't solve a Rubik's Cube. It's OK! Thankfully, Beyond Rubik's Cube features a Solve Bar where Rubik's Cube experts can help you learn the world's most popular puzzle. Take a few minutes or take a few hours. There's no time limit and no way you won't enjoy yourself.

BRC_new images_Color Matching

Color Matching

Young learners love bright colors. Color Matching is the perfect way to teach them how to identify patterns using colors, a key component of the Rubik's Cube experience.

BRC_new images_Cube Lab

Cube Lab

Google has been a key partner in helping to develop Beyond Rubik's Cube. In the Chrome Cube Lab, you can create your own Rubik-inspired experiment and share it with other cube enthusiasts. Visit Cube Lab online to challenge your creativity and problem-solving skills, the qualities necessary for solving Rubik's masterpiece.